About Us


Green Butcher is Indonesia’s first plant-based meat company focusing on delicious Asian flavours. We believe that everyone can live healthily & sustainably by alternating our eating habits - without giving up loved traditions or modern convenience.

Our aim is to provide a meaty experience with high protein, no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and much less natural resources compared to animal products.

Made by chefs, food technologists, and nutritionists behind Burgreens brand, we ensure our proteins have maximum health benefits - minus the carbon footprint.

By simply replacing your usual animal product with Green Butcher foods, you are doing yourself and environment a big favor!

We are part of Burgreens Family, Indonesia’s largest plant-based eatery chain.


Green Butcher empowers Indonesian farmers across the Indonesian archipelago by sourcing some of our key ingredients directly from farmers.

Our sea salt comes from the beautiful island of Bali.

The cassava flour we use is sourced from Java.

The spices are directly supplied by farmers in Java.

Our coconut oil comes from sustainably grown coconut trees in Riau.

The combination of these wonderful, ethically-sourced ingredients create bold and distinctive flavors for Green Butcher products.